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An older brother holds up his little sister on a silver Strider Rocking Bike

Product Safety

We are committed to helping maintain your child’s health and safety. Before any Strider Bike or product is placed into the hands of a child, it is tested to the highest standards required by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for children’s products and toys. Further, if a Strider bike or product is intended for a country other than the United States, it is also tested to the European Union technical requirements to obtain a CE Mark.

Our goal is to get kids riding at the youngest age possible, so we do extra research and engineering to manufacture products that meet the stringent safety requirements of products given to children age 6 months and older. Many balance bikes on the market today are only safe for kids 3 years and older. The standard for products age-graded for children “3+ years old” is not as stringent as the standard for products age-graded for children “6 months and up.” When you choose genuine Strider products, you are assured of the highest quality and safety for your child.