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Employee & Applicant Privacy Notice

This notice provides you with information on how your employer, Strider Sports International, Inc., 2221 N. Plaza Dr., Rapid City, South Dakota 57702, USA, (“We” or “Your Employer“) will process your personal data.

1. Processed data categories

We will process certain personal data about you that We collect during your interview process, at the start and in the course of your work with us from you or authorized third parties, e.g., your supervisor or public authorities. The personal data categories that We may process are listed in Annex 2 (“Personal Data“).

You are under no obligation to provide us with the Personal Data We ask you for. However, if you do not provide your Personal Data, the affected HR processes might be delayed or impossible. Should the provision of your Personal Data be mandatory by law, We will inform you separately thereof.

We do not use automated individual decision-making that would produce legal effects for you or would similarly significantly affect you.

2. Purposes for which We process your data

We will process your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • recruiting;
  • planning and managing human resources;
  • payroll and expense accounting;
  • administration of compensation, benefit and rewards;
  • travel management;
  • time and attendance management;
  • fulfilling recording, information and reporting obligations and otherwise complying with applicable legal requirements;
  • conducting employee surveys and trainings;
  • conducting employee aptitude tests;
  • performance evaluation and management;
  • marketing and business development;
  • ensuring frictionless business operations;
  • car fleet management;
  • enabling electronic communications, including via video, and providing access to our IT equipment and services, including our intranet, our computer systems and networks, communication tools and the Internet;
  • ensuring the security of our IT equipment and services;
  • ensuring the security and safety of our employees, visitors and business partners as well as our property and premises;
  • establishing, exercising or defending legal claims;
  • conducting audits, including through independent third party-auditors, to ensure and verify the integrity of our financial records as well as the compliance with internal group policies.

3. Legal bases of the processing

The processing of your personal data is performed on the following legal bases under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“):

  • the necessity for the conclusion, performance or termination of your employment agreement (Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR);
  • the necessity for the compliance with legal obligations, in particular in the area of labor and employment law, social security and protection law, data protection law, tax law, and corporate compliance laws (Art. 6(1)(c) GDPR); and
  • the prevailing legitimate interests of Your Employer and other entities of its group of companies in achieving the purposes set out in point 2 above (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR).

In some cases, We may separately also ask for your consent (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR).

4. Transfer of your personal data

To achieve the purposes set out in point 2 above, We will transfer your personal data to the following categories of recipients:

  • insurance companies and social insurance agencies;
  • pension and benefit funds;
  • banks;
  • financial services providers;
  • works councils or other bodies/persons responsible for employee representation;
  • trade unions, if mandatory under local law or with your consent;
  • occupational health physicians;
  • authorities (including employment agencies, tax authorities and unemployment offices);
  • courts;
  • IT service providers and communications network operators;
  • security firms, if contracted by us (e.g., to ensure the safety of our employees);
  • infrastructure and general service providers (e.g., cafeteria operators, landlords, car fleet management providers);
  • employee survey, aptitude test and training providers;
  • travel agencies and travel providers;
  • attorneys and consultants (including accountants and tax advisors);
  • your creditors;
  • our suppliers, distributors, sales representatives and (sub-)franchisees;
  • our (potential) customers and, for marketing purposes, the general public; and
  • other entities of the Strider group of companies (for a list of all entities see Annex 1)

Some of the recipients referred to above are located in or process personal data outside of your country. The level of data protection in another country may not be equivalent to that in your country. However, We only transfer your personal data to countries where the EU Commission has decided that they have an adequate level of data protection or We take measures to ensure that all recipients provide an adequate level of data protection. We do this for example by entering into appropriate data transfer agreements based on Standard Contractual Clauses (2010/87/EC and/or 2004/915/EC). These are accessible upon request (see the contact details under point 7 below).

5. Retention period

Your personal data will only be kept for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes set out in point 2 above.

We will, in any case, retain your personal data for the duration of your employment relationship with us as well as thereafter as long as required under statutory retention obligations or potential legal claims resulting from the employment relationship, where personal data is needed to raise or defend against a claim, are not yet time-barred.

6. Your rights in connection with your personal data

Under applicable law, you have the right to (under the conditions set out in applicable law):

  • obtain confirmation as to whether and what kind of personal data We store about you and to request copies of such data;
  • request rectification or erasure of your personal data;
  • request us to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • object to the processing of your personal data;
  • withdraw any consent previously granted for the processing (withdrawing your consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before your withdrawal);
  • request data portability; and
  • lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

7. Our contact details

Please address your requests or questions concerning the processing of your personal data to:

Strider Sports International, Inc.
2221 N. Plaza Dr.
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702


Last updated on December 11, 2020.

Annex 1: Group Entities


Strider Europe B.V.
Dr. Willem Dreesweg 2
1st Fl. South Wing
1185 VB Amstelveen
The Netherlands


Annex 2: Categories of Personal Data

Contact information

  • Name
  • Prefix (Mr./Mrs./etc.) including academic titles (if provided)
  • Suffix
  • Employee ID
  • Job title and job code 
  • Photo (if provided)
  • Work address
  • Work phone and fax number, work email address and other contact information necessary for modern means of electronic communication

Recruiting information

  • Desired position
  • Source of knowledge of job opening
  • Job requirements of position in question
  • Contact data
  • CV
  • Professional expertise
  • Any other information/documents provided by in the course of the job application process (e.g., graduation certificates)

Basic information

  • National ID data
  • Citizenship status and nationality (i.e. country of citizenship)
  • Date and place of birth (if required under local law)
  • Bank details
  • Social security number (if required under local law)
  • Marital Status (if provided)
  • Number of Dependents (if provided)
  • Gender
  • Passport and Visa Data (if provided or required under local law)
  • Private contact data (home address, private phone number, private email address and other private contact information necessary for modern means of electronic communication, emergency contact information)
  • Organizational data (department, sub-department, region, market, project and project allocation, cost center and cost center allocation, supervisor (employee name and ID))
  • Employment contract related data (employee classification, employment status, type of contract, contractual starting date, contractual end date, probation period, continuous service date, job classification, full time/part time status, part time percentage, employment action (hire/rehire/termination), reason for employment action (hire/rehire/termination/leave))
  • Time management data (regular working time, overtime, leave time including requests and approvals of leave time, availability for meetings and scheduling information, days of absence taken per year (but not including health-related personal data))
  • Salary data (salary administration plan, salary grade, compensation rate code, compensation rate, supplemental salary, overtime compensation, bonus compensation, other variable compensation, other leave compensation, not taken holidays compensation, all company paid expenses, benefits and benefits in kind)
  • Variable pay data (bonus criteria and business goals, eligibility, history of bonuses received, all details related to grants under the equity plans, including but not limited to grant date, number of shares granted, type of shares granted, vesting requirements and number of stock options exercised)
  • Allowances (housing allowances, travel allowances, car or commuting allowances, cost of living, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Employee expenses (including company credit card expenditures)
  • Any other payroll information, as required under local law

Advanced HR data

  • Information concerning the development of your career (e.g., career path, formal and informal feedback)
  • Performance-related information (objectives, formal and informal comments and feedback)
  • Talent-related information (skills and knowledge, participation in projects, certificates, formal and information feedback received)
  • Employee survey, including employee satisfaction survey and any responses given to such surveys
  • Information on employee trainings (e.g., attendance record).
  • Answers provided to questions designed to test any employee’s aptitude, including answers to questions related to personality aspects of the employee
  • Data from a criminal records certificate
  • Any other information related to a (potential) dispute between you and Your Employer

IT & communication

  • Personal data contained in communications sent or received over Your Employer’s IT equipment and/or services (including sound and video) as well as any personal data stored on such equipment or stored on such services, including telephone call records, the contents of emails sent or received by you, and the recordings of video conferences you participate in.

Security & safety

  • Reports on workplace incidences, including the causes and consequences of such incidents
  • Video surveillance records (including place and time)
  • Any other personal data required to manage the safe and secure access to the company premises, including information necessary to take measures against any communicable diseases (e.g., contact with infected individuals or travel to high-risk areas).

Fleet management

  • Driver’s license data, license plate number and other personal data required to manage the company car fleet

Marketing, customer relationship management and event data

  • Photos as well as sound and video recordings (e.g., from an event or specifically created for marketing purposes)
  • Event registration and participation data for internal and external event (basic registration data, dietary restrictions, attendance, other data necessary to organize and manage an event)
  • Documentation of interactions with particular (potential) customers